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Raw Materials Management

  • Self-Purchase& Supply (SPS) system: WGB itself supplies any of WGB related production by WGB-purchased only raw materials.
    Guaranteed Souring: No.5 Steel Plant of Shanghai Steel Company Group; XingCheng Steel;
    Double-inspection before acceptance: Purchased materials need fully inspecting again by WGB before acceptance, even though quality certificate offered by sellers.

In-Process Quality Control

  • Hardness test and metallographic analysis by WGB Lab;
    Inspection items in process: roundness, roughness, appearance, dimension, ect;
    Unqualified workpiece with special quality tag must be re-processed or directly rejected;
    A and FULL inspection on each finished workpiece before assembly.

Stock Inspection

  • Radom inspection on stocked products every single day;
    Final inspection upon to-be-dispatched products.

Supplier Management

  • Each of WGB suppliers is strictly selected by WGB Quality Standards and APPRAISED on a regular time basis. Any supplier with lower performance in consecutive 2 years will be cancelled.
    Outsourced work pieces are inspected on site by WGB quality workforce on a regular basis. Another full inspection is conducted by WGB people upon their arrival at WGB site.