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Application characteristics of bearings in fan industry are that bearings run continuously, at high speed and easy to fever, while there are very strict requirements for the noises. According to the operational requirements for fan industry, WCB Bearings has specially designed and developed a series of special bearings for fans. They not only meet requirements of fan industry for noises of bearings but also greatly improve the service lives of bearings on fans, and we can make high-temperature resistant and hi-precision bearings in accordance with customers’ special requirements.


The main reasons of fan failures (excessive bearing temperature rise, noise)
The installation of shaft and rolling bearing is askew, the front bearing and the rear bearing are misaligned:
The bearing clearance is too small, no clearance after installation;
The bearing box vibrates violently;
Poor quality lubricants containing impurities, dust, dirt or the filling amount is insufficient;
The tightening force for connecting bolts of bearing box cover and seat is too big or too small;
The demagnetization is not clean or there is oil contamination during the heating process of bearing;
There are bumping injuries on the surfaces of bearing roller surface and the inner raceway surface;
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