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Bearing Failures and Analysis

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In order to find out the causes of bearing failures, our suggestion is that when you think your bearing is working improperly, please take the photos and videos,stop your machine and contact your WGB sale engineer ASAP.

If the time permits, please keep your bearing where it is in the machine and do not dismount it. We will be trying to analyze and solve the problem through the voice or video call. Otherwise, we will provide onsite service within 24 or 36 hours within Mainland China to assist in the analysis and solutions.

If you need to replace the bearing immediately to have the machine resume running, please take the related photos and videos for the coming communication and analysis before the replacement.

We would make our best to assist you in finding out the failure causes and provide the preventive actions to decrease and even avoid the

By analyzing lots of failure cases in past decades, we consider that most of bearing failures are caused by more than two reasons internally and externally together. Meanwhile most types of bearing failures could be in some degree effectively prevented and decreased by normative operations and preventive actions, for example, properly selecting the bearing P/N and clearance, mounting in a normative and clean way, inspection and maintenance in a regular basis, proper lubrication solution ect..

Please download the attached file to learn more about the typical failure cases.

In case of questions, please contact us at any time.

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