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A Specialist on Spherical Roller Bearings Since  1969
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Production Lines & Capability

Production Lines & Capability

 We own the production lines for all types and full sizes of spherical roller bearings; Huge Inventory of SRB bearings with full sizes and all types
 We own the production lines and separate QC equipment for most of processes: ring and roller turning, grinding, heat treatment, assembly lines
 More flexible production plan;Shorter lead time; Less MOQ
 Annual capability: 1,500,000+ pieces of SRB; 30,000,000+ pieces of rollers

Lines Layout and Process Control

 Apply the lean production management and statistical process control throughout the processes in WGB factory
 Unitize the production lines as per manufacturing processes
 Control temperature and humidity in bearing assembly workshop
 Two Separate grinding fluids system independently supplying ring and roller grinding

Product Traceability System

 Continuously conduct and improve product traceability system
 Strictly manage materials by batch and process the workpieces by the First-In-First-Out (FIFO) principle
 Strictly conduct quality management and statistical process control
 Record and manage inspection data and stock as files at three five years or longer as per customer requirements
 Mark every single piece of bearing with a unique tracking code

A Specialist on
Spherical Roller Bearings
Since 1969

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