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A Specialist on Spherical Roller Bearings Since  1969
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Excellent Performance and High Reliability

High load rating · High Shock-Resistance

Enhance internal structure and adjust load ratios and distributions to increase load ratings; apply the improved bainite heat treatment to increase toughness and wear-resisting capability for a longer service life especially under shocking loads.

Low Vibration · Low Noise

Optimize the processing tolerances, and adjust the roughness and contact ratio of raceway surfaces to decrease noise and vibration at different rotating speeds.

Long life · High Reliability

Apply the statistical process control to guarantee the quality stability throughout every batch; meanwhile strictly inspect the materials against the burning and cracks to guarantee longer bearing life and less equipment downtime.

Full Inventory · Short Lead Time

WGB’s production lines and warehouses are covering full-size ranges and all types of SRB, which enables the same day shipment. The efficient and flexible production enables smaller MOQ, shorter lead time, and more stable OTD.

Customized Bearing Solutions

Over 50 year of bearing designing, manufacturing and technical service helps WGB acquire the extensive experience and capabilities. When working with customers from different industries, we are able to make a quick repones and customize the most applicable bearing solutions to satisfy different industrial demands.

Value-added Technical Service

When having any types of questions regarding any types of bearings, you are very welcome to contact WGB sale engineers or WGB local distributors at any time. We are very pleased to provide technical suggestions and assist in problem solving for free.

A Specialist on
Spherical Roller Bearings
Since 1969

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