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A Specialist on Spherical Roller Bearings Since  1969
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Leading Spherical Roller Bearing Manufacturer

WGB Profile

In 1969, WGB Bearing was established; In 1989, the brand WGB® was founded; 

Nowadays, WGB is a technology-driven and industry-leading manufactory, specialized on spherical roller bearings with high performance and high reliability.


Dedicated to being an industrial leader in roller bearings worldwide


 Dedication Collaboration Challenge Integrity
 Creating values for customers
 Caring employee’s career development
Undertaking social responsibilities

Bearing Products

Spherical Roller Bearings (SRB): open SRB, sealed SRB, SRB with extended inner ring, housed SRB unit;
Spherical Roller Bearings components: spherical rollers, spherical rings;
Cylindrical roller bearings; Thrust Spherical Roller Bearings; Deep groove ball bearings;
Non-Standard roller bearings...

Quality Management System

ISO9001; ISO14001; OHSAS18001.

Industries and Applications

WGB has been for more than 50 years supplying bearing products and technical services in various industries and applications, including: construction, power transmission, fluid, agriculture, metal processing, elevators & escalators, paper & pule, mining & concrete…

Global Markets

Since 2020, WGB has been directly and indirectly exporting to over 20 countries: the United States, Canada, Australia, Germany, Italy, Belgium, Austria, Spain, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Indonesia…
Meanwhile the marketing network of local distributors in China is covering more than 30 cities and provinces.

Market Shares in China

According to the data from China’s Bearing Industry Association, in China’s market, WGB® SRB has been always ranking in the top position of the production and sales volume among the SRB manufactures, especially ranking the first for six consecutive years of 2005-2010.

History & Development

  • 1969:Factory established and named Wuxi Qingshan Bearing Factory
    1989:Factory renamed to Wuxi Rolling Bearing Factory
    1989:WGB Labor Union established
    1989:the 20th anniversary of establishment
    1969_1989  1969_1989-01  1969_1989-02  1969_1989-03
  • 1990:the 2nd Staff Congress convoked
    1995:acquired the Quality Certificate of Export Mechanical and Electrical Products
    1997:ISO 9001 certified
    1999:the 30th anniversary of establishment
    Year-of-1990-----1999-01  Year-of-1990-----1999-02  Year-of-1990-----1999-03  Year-of-1990-----1999-04
  • 2001:Completed the first international purchase order
    2002:Turned to a private company
    2002:Renamed to Wuxi Rolling Bearing Co., Ltd.
    2004:Bought new plant land of 33333 m2
    2005:Phase I workshop of 10800m2 constructed
    Year-of-2000-----2005  Year-of-2000-----2005-01  Year-of-2000-----2005-02  Year-of-2000-----2005-03
  • 2006:Phase II workshop of 8000m2 constructed
    2008:Yearly sale revenue broke through 100 million CNY
    2009:Certified by ISO 14001 and TS 16949
    2010:SRB output ranked the first in China for five consecutive years
    Year-of-2006-----2010  Year-of-2006-----2010-01  Year-of-2006-----2010-02  Year-of-2006-----2010-03
  • 2012:Phase III workshop of 16000m2 constructed
    2012:Set up the oil bath heat treatment
    2014:Set up the turning workshop of SRB rings
    2017:Set up the grinding workshop of Class I SRB rollers
    2018:Set up salt bath heat treatment line
    2019:SRB yearly output broke through the 1.5 million pieces
    Year-of-2011------Now  Year-of-2011------Now-01  Year-of-2011------Now-02  Year-of-2011------Now-03

Responsibility & Activity

2009:WGB charity at local nursing home
2012:WGB Basketball Championship
2012:WGB team at Taiwan China
2016:WGB Family day
2017:WGB team in Tibet China
2018:Family Day at Mount Fuji Japan
2019:Celebrating the Elderly Day at local nursing home
2019:WGB team in Europe
2020:Annual Meeting for Chinese New Year
2021:Celebrating 100th Anniversary of CPC
2021:Mid Autumn Day at local nursing home

A Specialist on
Spherical Roller Bearings
Since 1969

No.219 Changjiang East Road,
Xinwu District, Wuxi, Jiangsu,
China 214142



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