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A Specialist on Spherical Roller Bearings Since  1969
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Industries & Applications

At WGB, our commitment to excellence extends across a wide spectrum of industries. We take pride in offering tailored spherical roller bearing solutions that meet the unique demands of various sectors. Our precision-engineered bearings are trusted by businesses across the globe, enabling seamless operation and optimal performance in critical applications.

Whether you operate in the automotive, mining, construction, agriculture, or any other industry, our spherical roller bearings are designed to excel under challenging conditions. We understand that each industry has its specific requirements, and we're dedicated to providing you with bearings that not only meet but exceed those needs.

WGB is more than just a bearing manufacturer; we are your trusted partner in achieving operational excellence across a multitude of industries. Join the ranks of satisfied customers who have experienced the benefits of our precision bearings. Contact us today to discuss how we can support your specific industry needs.
Industrial Blowers Fans

For decade of years, WGB Bearing has been the member of Fan Brach of China General Machinery Industry Association, and the council member of China Bearing Industry Association. WGB® IFB series bearings, are specially designed and precisely engineered to supply industrial fans and blowers. Excellent

Power Transmission

Bearings for Industrial Gearbox and Reducer Industrial gearboxes and reducers have extremely high requirements on the bearings, especially under high speeds, high loads, and high torques. Meanwhile, bearings are highly required to perform with longer life and higher reliability, so that machines cou

Mining and Concrete

Mining & Concrete machines have extremely high requirements for the bearings, and bearings are highly expected to work continuously under high loads, high shocks, and heavy contamination. Considered the special requirements, we have re-designed our spherical roller bearings to dramatically increase

Escalators Elevators

WGB Bearing is a member of China Elevator Association, and an editorial board member of JB/T 13348-2017 for Roller Bearings for Elevator Traction Machine. Meanwhile WGB is a council member of China Bearing Industry Association.Back to the year 2008, considering the specific requirements by elevators

Metal Processing

Roller Bearings for Metal ProcessingWGB has been successfully supplying engineered roller bearings and technical services for a long term to steel mills and metal processing manufactories. Considering the specific requirements, high temperature, heavy loads, heavy contaminations as well as continuou

Industiral Washing Machine

For decades, WGB has been supplying engineered roller bearings and technical services to industrial washing machines. Throughout the years of experience, WGB has successfully designed and engineered the newer generation of roller bearings. Compared with regular roller bearings, the newer generation


A Specialist on
Spherical Roller Bearings
Since 1969

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