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A Specialist on Spherical Roller Bearings Since  1969
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Industiral Washing Machine

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For decades, WGB has been supplying engineered roller bearings and technical services to industrial washing machines.

Throughout the years of experience, WGB has successfully designed and engineered the newer generation of roller bearings. Compared with regular roller bearings, the newer generation is featured with higher precision, higher load capability, less vibration and noise, lower motion temperature as well as longer life.

When the washing machine is running under high loads and at high speeds, the bearings are still able to run stably and peacefully with lower temperature and longer service life.

Performance and Quality

  • Apply the raw materials with higher-level purity; improve the heat treatment process for higher longer bearing life

  • Enhanced internal structure and customized radial clearance; capably running with less vibration at higher speeds and loads

  • Processing with P6 precision and special raceway roughness for less motion temperature; conduct the statistically process control for guaranteed reliability

  • Every single piece of finished bearings is inspected through OQC to reach the low vibration and low noise standard.

  • Housed roller bearing unit is easy to install and uninstall; Clearance is fixed as it comes and there is no need to adjust the clearance when installing

A Specialist on
Spherical Roller Bearings
Since 1969

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